Don't you just love it when your head hits the pillow and you could sleep for years?

Well that's what I was like last night. Yesterday I went to an aqua festival with school. It was loads of fun, but very tiring. By the time we had go to the coach it was peaceful. Everybody was ready for a nice rest.

It was the 3rd race when I took a turn for the worst. I had 7 races. As I lined up ready to get in the pool I could feel my left leg just getting tighter the more I stood and my body aching. (probably because of the shock of the race before). I wasn't going to let it get the better of me and just did the race anyway.

However once I had finished, (bringing up the rear in joint last), my legs froze as a stood on the bottom. Trying to figure out the easiest possible way to get out. Once I was out with the help of friend it seemed the whole room had become an ice rink, all wet and not making getting back to the bench the easy task.

Overall it was a great and I had loads of fun swimming (and missing a maths exam in the process). The teacher wouldn't let me do PE once we got back to school ether (not happy) because I was too tired, but who doesn't want to play a great game of table tennis when you can't even hit the ball!

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