World cerebral palsy day

Mixed emotions- today is special and meaning full. I just which I could have done more. People come up to me and say "aww are you ok, I feel really sorry" but why I would not change my condition for the world. Less pain would always be nice, but I know things could be ten time worse. There will always be somebody out there who is worse off then you so why is it a big deal.

I am proud to have cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy isn't just who I am or just a label which I have just had to learn to cope with. Cerebral palsy has influenced me and has made me a stronger person and also given me a better outlook on life. Without cerebral palsy I probably wouldn't have achieved half thing in my life which I have. I know that sounds a bit stupid, but its true. When people look at you and say "ohh no you couldn't possible manage to do that" that's when I prove them wrong. A quote they use in school a lot would be

whether you thing you can, or can't your probably right

Your attitude to things is massive having cerebral palsy has enabled me to see that and also it make me work hard for the things in life, but all that means is that when I do achieve that thing it is a bigger achievement.

If somebody came up to me and said if I took this tablet I would be cured from my cp and would experience any more pain of have any physio. First I would think that they are a bit crazy because it doesn't exist and secondly I would say no. Not because I enjoy pain because who does. I would say no because without it I would be completely me. I would be able to go the whole day without tripping over my own feet which is just unheard of. By also the pride I have, I beat all the odds and battled my way through, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

World cerebral palsy day- raise awareness.


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