Friends & family

Without them I wouldn't be nothing. Seriously. I would be very boring and probably seem even more crazy then I already am. (Is that possible!). Just because my friends and family are crazy it makes me seem less crazy, and what others would say is 'normal' (even though nobody can define normal) and if you are 'normal' then go out and be crazy. You will surprise yourself because it is a lot more fun.

At school I prefer the floors of the corridor then walking along them. Also I seem to carry the invisible brick round me and just trip up. That's where my friends come in (not only that though) they help me navigate around school and pack up backs so I won't be the last person out of the classroom (even though it normal happens). Also to come in the lift and fight who will press the button. Friend aren't just there for that, they cheer you up when you are a moody cow and just there to make the 6 and a half hours go as fast as possible and the 48 hour weekend go slowly. Having sleepovers or going to the cinema, even if you do talk all the way though it.

Family is no different. You may have to go see them and have to spend time with them. However that doesn't mean you shouldn't not want to. Your family will know you better then anybody else and will always be there for you, what ever happens. There will be people of all ages which know different things and you will have the chance to teach them and watch them grow. Family is there to have a laugh with and take the mick of each other. Make it fun other wise it will will be boring. Your family will never laugh at you only with you. Just remember that.

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