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New splint

Aka a bit of plastic which restricts movement. Not making it sound appealing am I really? I used to wear an AFO splint on my left leg with a hinge from about the age of 7 till 10, so not that long but I did make massive improvements and I was so happy when I no longer needed it and just had to use orthotics in the bottom of my shoes. I was able to wear 'normal' shoes and not big bulky trainers. I remember been so jealous of people's shoes. As I entered the big wide world of high school I would like to think that my cerebral palsy was not noticiable and unless I told you then you wouldn't know a thing. I remember about a term into year 7 and is made two new close friends (still best friends now :) ) and when I mentioned cerebral palsy they had no idea and in a way I liked it that way. It doesn't bother me if people know and I was trying to keep it from anybody if anybody asks I will happily explain. It was just year 7. You know what it's like settling down, I w…

It's been some time...

The blogger is back!!!
I know, I know. It has been a while to say the least. Time has zoomed by and nothing has been left behind. That is changing today, I hope to restart this blog and start the ball rolling towards cerebral palsy awareness and acceptance.  High school is still, well, high school. Now in year 11 and quick approaching mock exams- with more revision, coursework and catch up sessions. Even though I'm one of the oldest students in school it doesn't mean that corridor get easier. In some respects it's harder- the year 7's seem to be bursting with more energy every year and like to trip me up or demonstrate getting your balance back like the first time somebody goes ice skating and attempts to stay on their feet. 
I hope to be posting more in the future about changes which have happened and about what I have been up to :)
~Chloe x