New splint

 Aka a bit of plastic which restricts movement. Not making it sound appealing am I really? I used to wear an AFO splint on my left leg with a hinge from about the age of 7 till 10, so not that long but I did make massive improvements and I was so happy when I no longer needed it and just had to use orthotics in the bottom of my shoes. I was able to wear 'normal' shoes and not big bulky trainers. I remember been so jealous of people's shoes. 
As I entered the big wide world of high school I would like to think that my cerebral palsy was not noticiable and unless I told you then you wouldn't know a thing. I remember about a term into year 7 and is made two new close friends (still best friends now :) ) and when I mentioned cerebral palsy they had no idea and in a way I liked it that way. It doesn't bother me if people know and I was trying to keep it from anybody if anybody asks I will happily explain. It was just year 7. You know what it's like settling down, I wanted people to get to know me first without the preprinted label of CP which made people anion around me. 
Now I'm in year 11 it's a slightly different story but I'm fine with that. People know me and my cerebral palsy and if anybody has any questions I would hope they would ask. Now by having the splint it backs up the fact that I have CP and "your putting if on , you don't have anything wrong with you" has fizzled into the back ground. Unfortunately for people who don't know it has turned into the stare game at my trainers I wear for school (which don't nessesary blend in to the busy corridor or the zebra print pattern which can be seen on one leg if I wear a skirt (I might as well have a funky pattern if I'm gonna have one). 

 I do think it is working again. Which is always good. I'm gradually getting my range of movement back and walking is getting better now I have got used to it. Howerer if you think if means I can't wear skinny jeans or a skirt. Then that is where you are wrong, I may have to wear this bit of plastic daily but it's not gonna control my wardrobe!
Thanks for reading my random ramble

~ Chloe x

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