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Exam season

Don't you just love it? The count down for the start of my GCSE exams is quickly approaching and nearly in single figure. Honestly I'm scared. I haven't posted in a long time and I miss it, who reads my blog anyway! Revision is starting and everyday of school counts. Like everybody else the quicker you realise that this is make or break time the better. There are loads of revision session at school now which is really good. The one thing which is keeping us all rooted is the summer. The extra long summer, it's going to be great. When everybody is at school you can just chill; there will be no more homework, no more coursework, no deadline and most importantly no more exams! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.... Next year I will staying on but in the sixth form. I am hoping to take textiles, English lit, health & social and psychology. I suppose it's just another step up the education ladder. Almost the oldest in the school; unfortunately that isn&…