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Labels created by disability

The conditions are merely a label which I am determined to break the written conventions which surround them. Labels provide a pre-printed view which can often lead to unneeded social stereotyping. We state ‘everyone is different’; yet disability is obsessed with grouping people together. Yes I know it is used as a means to treat people and in the medical world I believe it works to a certain extent. However if you take it out of that comfort zone you get hit by reality.
I believe that there is a great deal of awkwardness which spirals around mental and physical disabilities, but why? Scope have recently released ‘End the awkward’ videos on YouTube and I feel that they really do ‘hit the nail on the head’ in explaining that we too are part of the human race and have as much rights and deserve the same amount of respect. I am not saying that the reasons behind this it is because the community is rude, certainly not. There just isn’t enough education out there. I know that it is probabl…


When hope has turned out the light
You just sit there and stare,
Holding onto that goal in mind,
But will you really get there.

Pushing yourself to make it true,
Not knowing what more to do,
Because you don’t want to fall,
To where it all started.

You want to be like the rest,
But unique and special too.
You want to blend into the crown,
But stand out as good as new.

Been told you’re not going to make it,
Might as well give up now,
But it’s not as easy as that,
Why don’t they understand.

I don’t expect them to fully understand,
But acceptance would be nice,
How am I supposed to accept,
If they don’t give it a chance.

Explaining Things...

How am I supposed to do this,
When it makes no sense to me,
I’m hidden from you,
Hidden from life, but try to blend in,
Guilt building up as I reject you,
I don’t want to push you away,
Having no control of emotions,
Or not knowing what to say,
You ask “why?”,
But that’s what I ask myself,
I am not saying I’m sad,
I am Just confused,
I love my life, family and friends,
I just have obstacles that are higher,
Every day is a mountain,
Every day is new,
Every day is special,
And I am always thinking of you,
Don’t judge me for what you see,
Looks can be deceiving,
Get to know me for me,
But that’s quite hard,
Experiencing pain can change people,
Loosing myself each day,
Holding on to what I though was normal,
As it slowly slips away,
I will get back there,
Back to what is now unknown,
Having a goal in mind,
Just thinking of what it will be like,
Moving around so freely,
Without pain in sight,
Not having to plan every move,
And take things so slowly,
Wondering what it is like,
To just get up and go,
I am glad of what I have…

My Mask

Masks are used to hide and pretend,
Not showing what is really there,
Been a character or to defend,
Hiding what you don't what to share,

Holding it in,
Not letting go,
Hiding your feelings,
Not saying no,

To the simple question..,
Are you ok?,

Masks can hold the cracks in you,
Piecing things all together,
When you know you will crack,
Hidden from the world,

When it has turned to black,
But you really don't have a clue,
Because what you see isn't true,
But I'm hidden from the world,

Do you know who I am?

You all know who I am,
Seeing me as you walk past,
But you you really give a damn?,
Will your care always last?,

I may be lower than most,
So why push me further?,
Sometimes I'd like to be a ghost,
To get away from all the murmur,

The stares are so powerful,
From the people around,
That shouldn't make it allowable,
But that isn't what I've found,

Do you see behind my mask?,
All the secrets that I keep,
No one taking the time to ask,
About things that are ever so deep,

I am different in your eyes,
But I do not see that as bad,
I can get away from the lies,
Because of this I am so glad,

You don't know who I am,
Seeing me as you walk past ,
But you you really give a damn?,
Will your care always last?,