Explaining Things...

How am I supposed to do this,
When it makes no sense to me,
I’m hidden from you,
Hidden from life, but try to blend in,
Guilt building up as I reject you,
I don’t want to push you away,
Having no control of emotions,
Or not knowing what to say,
You ask “why?”,
But that’s what I ask myself,
I am not saying I’m sad,
I am Just confused,
I love my life, family and friends,
I just have obstacles that are higher,
Every day is a mountain,
Every day is new,
Every day is special,
And I am always thinking of you,
Don’t judge me for what you see,
Looks can be deceiving,
Get to know me for me,
But that’s quite hard,
Experiencing pain can change people,
Loosing myself each day,
Holding on to what I though was normal,
As it slowly slips away,
I will get back there,
Back to what is now unknown,
Having a goal in mind,
Just thinking of what it will be like,
Moving around so freely,
Without pain in sight,
Not having to plan every move,
And take things so slowly,
Wondering what it is like,
To just get up and go,
I am glad of what I have,
I have so much I can offer,
I believe in myself,
and that is what matters,
but don’t forget you can get there too,
having a little faith will see you through.

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