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Unknown, Unheard of, I prefer unique, Strange and weird, I am not weak.  The look in your eyes, The look of confusion.  As an unsolved problem, A mystery to all.  I wait.  I wait for answers, To unravel it all.  Finding the puzzle piece, I wait.  The day will come, Sat on the horizon.  As the Undiagnosable , I wait.  

Life for people in orbit of disability

I would gladly like to welcome my first guest blogger ever on Cerebral Palsy (CP) student! Thank you so much for writing this Alex. Its great. I would like to take this time to say thank you so much Alex, not just for the blog but for everything over the past 5 years, you are amazing!
~ Chloe

"Many people don't understand exactly what people have to go through when they have disabilities. I don't pretend to understand even half of it.

 Saying that, however I believe I have a bit more of an understanding than others. This is almost wholly down to my best friend Chloe. Although she's puts on a brave face daily, she always smiles and does her best to survive without any form of aid, I know her well enough to see the stress and strain it puts her through, and however tough, however difficult life is for her, I'm honoured to be there for her, no matter what. If she just needs to rant at someone (god knows how many essays she texts me) or if she just needs an arm…

'How I Fall' by Anne Eliot book review

MUST READ RIGHT HERE!Recently an author- Anne Eliot, contacted me using the message function on this blog! (First time this has happened, was a bit unsure what the email was to start with....anyway) it was such a lovely email (thanks Anne). She asked if I would read her new book 'How I Fall'- been a book lover at heart I said I would love to. Beating the typical conventions of fiction literature the main character has left hemiplegic cerebral palsy with the symptoms resemble mine quite closely. Now that's something you don't pick up off a book shelf everyday! I'm afraid to say that at first I was excited to read the book, but expected it to be like the other books which I have read which contain the 'topic' of cerebral palsy (sorry Anne!). I have to say that I was presently surprised and this is the review I left on Goodreads (due to amazon refusing to let my review be published :-/ )

: "A uniquely, truthful, normal amazing love story... The truth can hur…

End of an era...

Wow. I am happy to announce that I have managed to get through my GCSE's in one piece! After two years, homework, coursework, loads of revision, sleepless nights, and 21 exams later... I'm done! Well I say I'm done, just going to wait for results which I'm getting in August. However I know I can do nothing more and might as well enjoy my extra long summer with friends!  All good this must come to an end- when September comes I will be back to it all. Heading to sixth form to start studying A-levels. As much as I'm going to love relaxing during summer, I'm going to enjoy starting A-levels. Only doing four subjects, all which I hope to really enjoy.  After much debate I decided to take textiles, health & social, English lit and psychology. I was not going to take textiles, but looking back how can I not! I has to be my favourite subject by far, and I'm good at it (if I do say so myself). However it is not what I want a career I am wanting to go into.  In…