End of an era...

Wow. I am happy to announce that I have managed to get through my GCSE's in one piece! After two years, homework, coursework, loads of revision, sleepless nights, and 21 exams later... I'm done! Well I say I'm done, just going to wait for results which I'm getting in August. However I know I can do nothing more and might as well enjoy my extra long summer with friends! 
All good this must come to an end- when September comes I will be back to it all. Heading to sixth form to start studying A-levels. As much as I'm going to love relaxing during summer, I'm going to enjoy starting A-levels. Only doing four subjects, all which I hope to really enjoy. 
After much debate I decided to take textiles, health & social, English lit and psychology. I was not going to take textiles, but looking back how can I not! I has to be my favourite subject by far, and I'm good at it (if I do say so myself). However it is not what I want a career I am wanting to go into. 
In two years times once AS levels and A2 levels are complete (such a scary thought) I'm hoping to go to university to study Occupational Therapy. Yes I know I am planning way in to the future! Let's just get GCSE results before I start dreaming about a career. You could just say I've got it all planned out, and if things change, then they change.
Back to summer. On Friday I had my prom, just to make the whole thing real. That people we're leaving and starting a new chapter in there lives as they climb one step higher on the education ladder. Had an amazing time with amazing people. I am really going to miss some people which are not coming to the same sixth form or have chosen to go to college. However- that's what the internet is for, Facebook and Twitter means I hope to stay in contact with those people. I have been so lucky to make so many amazing, wonderful, fabulous friends which have helped me so much in the 5 years of high school and some for even longer! 
They might not think it, but they all have helped me so much. Supporting me in decisions and accepted changes which have been out if my control.

-hugs to you all-
~Chloe x

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