'How I Fall' by Anne Eliot book review


Recently an author- Anne Eliot, contacted me using the message function on this blog! (First time this has happened, was a bit unsure what the email was to start with....anyway) it was such a lovely email (thanks Anne). She asked if I would read her new book 'How I Fall'- been a book lover at heart I said I would love to. Beating the typical conventions of fiction literature the main character has left hemiplegic cerebral palsy with the symptoms resemble mine quite closely. Now that's something you don't pick up off a book shelf everyday!
I'm afraid to say that at first I was excited to read the book, but expected it to be like the other books which I have read which contain the 'topic' of cerebral palsy (sorry Anne!). I have to say that I was presently surprised and this is the review I left on Goodreads (due to amazon refusing to let my review be published :-/ )

: "A uniquely, truthful, normal amazing love story...
The truth can hurt, but it's so insightful. This is truly a love story which should be read by all. We all have a crush on that one special person, right? And you think they are way out of your league? Well anything is possible. Especially when Ellen and Cam feel the same way about each other and their love for photography pulls them closer with help from their crazy friends. Is the whole thing fate?...
This book illustrates the insight and perspective of Ellen who just happens to have a mild form of cerebral palsy which affects the left side of her body. However there is so much more to this book then that! Showing how the daily limitations can be fought and won, one step at a time. Cerebral palsy is simply one piece of Ellen's thousand piece puzzle. 
As well as spreading awareness for cerebral palsy (something which I am passionate about, due to having mild cerebral palsy myself) the insight is so true and modern. Giving a fresh perspective which must be read. I can tell you now that there isn't another fiction book out there which gives you this level of accurate insight, yet I feel this is not the primary focus of the book. 
 I also loved how through out the book there were parts which were what was going through Ellen and Cam's mind, showing how Ellen hides certain things, just like a normal teenager. A normal teenager which has extra challenges on an extraordinary journey to be with her true love. 
A must read which will leave you wanting more from the amazing author Anne Eliot."

   Compared to other books this has a 'hint' of cerebral palsy. I believe this it's self makes it more realistic because there is much more to a person then their medical condition, despite it having a daily impact. I am also one of those people who like to spread awareness- hence this blog exists!
I suppose you could say that I'm quite open when it comes to explain the in's and outs of cerebral palsy- despite it normally being a 'dumbed down' version to get the point across. This book allows that view to be extended into something which is honest and true. Also cerebral palsy does not make a person any less normal! Another point which is put to test in 'How I Fall'. Some people would argue that if you have CP then you are limited (full stop, new paragraph). Look deeper into that, Ellen illustrates that she may be limited in mobility, but is not limited in life. Not limited in nearly all things teenager of her age experience, the drag of school, first kisses, boyfriend. A normal teenager. 
However this can be applied to everyone, not just someone who has cerebral palsy. Everyone has something different about them, some are just visible. This is why I believe it is a must read, something which hopefully everyone can relate to in some way. For example Cam Campbell for the book has very pushy parents which are stopping him from achieving his own goals which could be classed as his 'baggage' which everyone has of some kind. 
I also can't wait to read the sequel to this touching story- 'How I Fly'. This book also has a green cover which represents cerebral palsy which is amazing! So glad the cerebral palsy community all around the world have such a brilliant book which is so honest!
   Ellen has cerebral palsy, but cerebral palsy does not have her. She is no more different to anyone else, because we are all unique and different. Therefore what is the classification of normal, I am still awaiting the day to find a normal person. 

~Chloe xx

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