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Summer Success

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and in about a week I will be going back to school and starting my A Levels in the sixth form. However during this very long summer break (due to finishing early because of exams) it has been quite successful if I do say so myself! Successful in things I have achieved but also just all the things I have managed to cram into the weeks off. So if you are going/ gone back to school good luck with this year! First off I survived my GCSE exams- all 21 of them! (far too many in my opinion) I’m still alive, despite thinking I was going to turn into a walking text book full of random things like osmosis and the literary themes surrounding the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’. All the preparation goes in and it’s all over in an instant (3 weeks to be exact). Before I knew it my first French exam had turned into my last RS exam, meaning it was summer time!

I love to read but never seem to have time to sit down and just read. Also because of exams and rev…

Why write a blog?

I've been writing this blog for about 18 months, and continue to update it. Why? Well if you are reading this post then there is your answer! The readers, (despite how little there may be). I believe that people read my blog for a few reasons, for example a lot of my readers have cerebral palsy themselves and I talk to quite a few of you *hey everyone!*. If you read it and have cerebral palsy then you may do this because you can relate to what I am saying or you are just curious to what I'm getting up to. However if you don't have cerebral palsy you may know someone who does (this could be me), or you are just here because you can!
What if I had no readers, would I still update it? Yes I would! Therefore if this post doesn't get a single view, don't worry (you can't get rid of me that easily) I will still post and continue to do so until I have talked about everything I can possibly think of.
Due to the blog been open on the internet it means anybody can read it…

Wheelchair Attitudes

This blog is focusing on part time wheelchair users. A topic which can be ignored.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a part time wheelchair user. I may not be too happy over this fact, it's not really something to dancing about, but yes, I am a part time wheelchair user. Do you get the message? People can be in a wheelchair part time- meaning that they can walk, maybe just not as far as you or for as long as you. Socially people can often find this hard to accept and due to recent experiences, people really do need a hand in breaking these social stereotypes. I firmly believe that stereotyping have led to a stigma surrounding wheelchairs which I have experienced (and are affected by in my own opinion and the social conventions of others). Down to things deteriorating I've only had the big bit of metal (wheelchair) AKA- Walter (yes I have given it a name!) for about a year, So you could say I'm still classed as a newbie- who is trying to act like a pro.
I have nev…