Summer Success

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and in about a week I will be going back to school and starting my A Levels in the sixth form. However during this very long summer break (due to finishing early because of exams) it has been quite successful if I do say so myself! Successful in things I have achieved but also just all the things I have managed to cram into the weeks off. So if you are going/ gone back to school good luck with this year! First off I survived my GCSE exams- all 21 of them! (far too many in my opinion) I’m still alive, despite thinking I was going to turn into a walking text book full of random things like osmosis and the literary themes surrounding the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’. All the preparation goes in and it’s all over in an instant (3 weeks to be exact). Before I knew it my first French exam had turned into my last RS exam, meaning it was summer time!

I love to read but never seem to have time to sit down and just read. Also because of exams and revision I thought I would be sick of the sight of words on a page, however I really enjoyed reading fiction again which is something I will probably miss when I go back to school. First I read ‘The fault in our stars’ by john green (for like the 4th time- and still cried buckets). Meaning one of my achievements is managing to watch the fault in our stars, 3 times (with different people each time). I have no idea why I put myself through it 3 times! (if you have watched it then you will get my drift).  I have to say I cried every time, if not more each time. However the award for the person who cried most has to go to my mum (not sure if she has recovered yet :P ).

The second, third and fourth book has its own achievements- hence the new paragraph. They are all books by the wonderful Anne Eliot who found my blog (via a poem I wrote) and sent me an email all the way from the US (yayyy). First I read her latest book ‘How I fall’ (beautiful teen romance with Ellen who happens to have mild cerebral palsy- click here for my full review!). Then I read and reviewed ‘Almost’- another brilliant read. Finally I read ‘Unmaking Hunter Kennedy’ (and still need to review that- it’s very near the top of my to do list before school starts!). Also I’m really looking forward to the sequel of ‘How I fall’ which is titled ‘How I fly’ which has a bright green cover for CP awareness! Finally not only has Anne introduced me to her books but also has become a friend and has massively promoted my blog which I can’t thank her enough for. Thank you Anne!
Also this summer I have read the autobiography of a comedian- Francesca Martinez, which is titled ‘what the **** is normal’. Soon I hope to review this book on my blog as Francesca has cerebral palsy and is definitely not afraid to tell the truth about how she has found things growing up.
Jade riding Paco
During the holidays I have also been on a horse riding weekend with Autism Angels thanks to SELFA. Had a great weekend and met some amazing people and families, even if the weather really wasn’t on our side! Lucky we did have one really nice day of weather and got to have a long horse ride (best bit in my opinion :D ) and went down to a river, as well as collecting eggs and feeding pigs. Didn’t want to leave! Missing all the horses and all the people which made it possible :( might see you all next year!
Due to having mild cerebral palsy I have to wear a splint on my left leg, which annoyingly is my bigger foot. This means that finding any shoes is a nightmare, finding school shoes is impossible and finding nice shoes is unheard of. Until now! As a typical girl I love shoes, and lucky I can walk without my splint meaning I do have some nice shoes but for school trainers have always been the only option. However this year I’ve managed to find a pair of black brogue! (please take a moment to take this in, have a party, jump around and appreciate this moment)- it’s the little things guys! Keeping with the school theme I got my GCSE results 21st August. In total I took 11 different subjects (hence the 21 exams!) and I managed to pass them all! Coming out with C’s in French, history, biology and physics.  B’s in English language, chemistry, maths and English literature. A’s in Textiles, religious studies and ICT. Yayyy!

Finally- promise it’s the last thing! Social success, first off this blog!? Since when did it get this popular? With loads of emails and views! (thank you to every single one). After writing this blog for a while it’s been a small blog, but I can happily say this summer it has just gone BOOM. The support has been crazy! Especially on my new Facebook page which you can find here. In 24 hours it got 500 likes and in a week it had reached 1000 which is unbelievable! Didn’t really feel it would appeal to many people- you have all well and truly proved me wrong. Also I became the first ever ambassador for TeenCP UK! This has enabled me to have a bigger say and hopeful get TeenCP to reach charity status which would be fantastic! Check out my profile here!

There, I’m done! Told you I have been busy, and that doesn’t even include all the day trips, prom, holidays and adventures with friends and family!

~Chloe x

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