Why write a blog?

I've been writing this blog for about 18 months, and continue to update it. Why? Well if you are reading this post then there is your answer! The readers, (despite how little there may be). I believe that people read my blog for a few reasons, for example a lot of my readers have cerebral palsy themselves and I talk to quite a few of you *hey everyone!*. If you read it and have cerebral palsy then you may do this because you can relate to what I am saying or you are just curious to what I'm getting up to. However if you don't have cerebral palsy you may know someone who does (this could be me), or you are just here because you can!
What if I had no readers, would I still update it? Yes I would! Therefore if this post doesn't get a single view, don't worry (you can't get rid of me that easily) I will still post and continue to do so until I have talked about everything I can possibly think of.
Due to the blog been open on the internet it means anybody can read it (scary thought...). However it also means that people could quite easily stumble across it, and that's good! I also write the blog to raise awareness about mild cerebral palsy and the things which surround that. Let's be honest- disability still isn't fully accepted by all and I want that to change. Sometimes it's not their fault, just a lack of education and that's where I come in (hopefully). I know the world isn't accepting of everything and everyone, but why? Everyone is different and unique, therefore why do certain people get accepted and others don't? "You were born an original. Don't die a copy." 
Also I write the blog for myself (it is my blog after all!). It allows me to get my thoughts down and express myself in ways I might be too shy to say out loud... However I enjoy writing as well, therefore I enjoy thinking or what to write next and planning it all (ideas are always welcome!)   Finally I chose to put my writing in a blog format because I enjoy creating how the website looks and it means I can look back over what I have written with it all dated (and if I wrote it by hand I probably wouldn't be able to read it 5 minutes later). 

Raising awareness- "be yourself, everyone else is taken"

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