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See the person not the disability

Can I just say that again- see the person not the disability. Now I'm sure you would have heard this quote at some point. I know I have, but that might just be because of my love for quotes in the first place. However (never straight forward is it!) this quote I have to disagree with.
I always like to say that cerebral palsy is one piece from the thousand piece puzzle which makes up me. Therefore part of me. However I feel this quote is trying to separate the two, and that you can't be a person if you have a disability. 
Who knows- probably reading far too much in to this (English literature student alert!). 
I mean it's not something to be embarrassed about, or something that you should hide, if that's even possible to a certain extent. Normally if you are relaxed by the whole thing then so is everyone else- taking out the anomalies here. 
In a way it is true though. A disability shouldn't be the first thing you see/ think about when you see a person because it's …