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   What on earth is that!? Well I will tell you. Hemiplegia or been hemiplegic can be a type of cerebral palsy which only affects one side of your body. Ta da! However hemiplegia can be caused by strokes and other types of things but it will always just involve one side of your body. Also the hand is normally more affected then the leg.
   As always, I'm breaking tradition, I'm the other way around. Meaning I'd say my leg is more affected then my hand despite it being very mild. If we were to get all technical (nothing wrong with a bit of technicality in life!) I have mild left hemiplegic cerebral palsy, a mouthful I know. All that means is that my left side is affected by the cerebral palsy, whereas my right side isn't.     Why am I saying this? Are you even interested by the rabble I call a blog? Well I hope so! If not I'm not forcing you to stay :)  *Drumroll please!* It's national hemiplegia awareness week! A whole week! :O    A whole week with the spotlight…