What on earth is that!? Well I will tell you. Hemiplegia or been hemiplegic can be a type of cerebral palsy which only affects one side of your body. Ta da! However hemiplegia can be caused by strokes and other types of things but it will always just involve one side of your body. Also the hand is normally more affected then the leg.
   As always, I'm breaking tradition, I'm the other way around. Meaning I'd say my leg is more affected then my hand despite it being very mild. If we were to get all technical (nothing wrong with a bit of technicality in life!) I have mild left hemiplegic cerebral palsy, a mouthful I know. All that means is that my left side is affected by the cerebral palsy, whereas my right side isn't. 
   Why am I saying this? Are you even interested by the rabble I call a blog? Well I hope so! If not I'm not forcing you to stay :) 
*Drumroll please!*
It's national hemiplegia awareness week!
A whole week! :O
   A whole week with the spotlight on us, as we aim to get awareness out there before the week slips away again and the light dims down, already getting preparing for next year. Now I know not everyone who has hemiplegia wants to sing and dance about it (not what I'm doing either really....) and not everyone wants to 'put in' their bit, but that's okay. As an advocacy for cerebral palsy, I can attempt to speak for others through my own opinion and experiences, but that's MY opinion and MY outlook. I know for a fact that no two people with cerebral palsy are the same in how it affects them, so I will do my best. 
   This year a video has been released in an attempt to highlight the hidden effects of hemiplegia, most of it is not visible at all! (click here to watch the video.) I found the video fascinating, because like I said, no two people with cerebral palsy are the same. This meant that some of the things that they were mentioning I had never heard before, and my cerebral palsy does not affect me in that way. So check it out! Go on!
   Due to my left hemiplegia it does mean that I can do some things slightly different. For a start I wear a splint (to my knowledge not everyone does that.... Correct me if I'm wrong!). Also I can often do things with one hand when it should involve two, and most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it (just realised I'm actually typing this post with one hand as it is faster for me to do that). Also my balance is shocking, I'm sure I'm constantly on a tightrope and prefer been on the floor, each to their own I guess. Furthermore I'm clumsy. Very clumsy, but that kind of goes hand in hand with the balance issue.
   I hope I'm able to spread awareness, because why not? and if you have read up to here I thank you. Have a lovely week, and remember its national hemiplegic awareness week! To spread awareness people are doing a selfie wearing a mitten to illustrate the limitations of one hand when you have hemiplegia. Why not have a go and share it with me :)
~ Chloe

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