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What I want my peers to know

Hey everyone! Sixth form has well and truly started with work mounting. Also new pupils come from other schools, this means I have been able to make some new friend which has been great. On the other hand, the minority have seen it as an opportunity to make judgment on something which they will know very little about- the purpose for this post. What I want all my peers to know.   The worst thing about having a disability is that they see it before they see you, before they get the chance to know you. I haven't even opened my mouth, yet I know you have a preconceived idea about me, but that's okay. I guess if you have something different from others then it is bound to happen. I mean, the stares, they are normal, that's part of human nature, I can life with that bit. It's the glares of disbelieve, that's what is upsetting. 
Hear me out when I say what you see is a tiny part of me. A tiny part of what makes up me and my personality, but also a tiny part of my medical …