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8 things I have learnt during the year of 2015

So 2015 is nearly over, something I really cannot believe! However, it is safe to say that this year has been one of the most action pack, crazy, amazing years of my life... I have managed to cram in so much and actually achieve a lot whether that be personal or academic.
Instead of writing a huge list of all the things I have done this year I am going to try and summarise it into 8 manageable lessons which I feel I have learnt during the last 12 months...

NUMBER 1: Always be open to new adventure's
This can probably be applied to many circumstances over the past year, whether that is helping Anne Eliot to write a book or saying yes to the NCS program (even if it was extremely last minute!). As you can have a great time and make the most amazing friends in the process!

NUMBER 2: Looking at things from another angle can be so eye- opening
For this one I am referring back to my work experience that I did just before the summer with a team of physio's. As you can imagine I …

My opinion on Kylie Jenner using a wheelchair as a prop

Firstly I never thought that I would talk about Kylie Jenner, but a few things need to be said. This is solely my opinion, despite the contrasting views, this is what I think. 

If you haven't heard, Kylie Jenner recently has been seen posing on the cover of Interview Magazine in a wheelchair. That in itself doesn't sound that complicated, but trust me when I say it is. I don't actually think there is a simple way of describing what my opinion is, but I'm trying. I'm trying to show how this is so much more than a celebrity posing for a camera, whether the motives for this was to be bold or use the shock tactic. Also how I'm not just writing this because I think it is wrong for an able-bodied person to use mobility aids and disability as some kind of fashion accessory. It runs much deeper than that. 
Firstly, as someone who has a physical disability it made me do a double take, were my eyes deceiving me? But after that it was the responses and 'justifications&#…

Planning for the next chapter... university!


Time is going so fast at the moment, it feels like two minutes ago that I started sixth form, never mind completing the first year and now applying to university! I believe that this is something which is an enormous decision for everyone, even just picking what you want to study can be challenging in itself! However if you have a disability it can make the decision of where to study even more complex than others. By going to a number of open days it meant that I was able to see what disability support they offered, whether this was a personal assistant, someone to take notes in lectures or the way they could help in terms of exams. Personally I believe this support will be really good in all universities as it is a requirement and a disability should never stop anyone from perusing a higher education course!
By the time it came to apply I was fairly sure what I wanted to study, even if it has altered slightly over the year. In the end I have gone with study psychology and educa…

Hate crimes are not acceptable

Hi, Apologise yet again for not posting in a very long time, things always seem to take priority which means the hobbies end up at the bottom of the pile. However for the time being I am taking a break from coursework and I am going to write for you instead. From the title you have probably guessed what I'm going to write about, but please still keep reading. 
Unfortunately this post might not be as cheery as you might have hoped, but I believe that it will still be a good read- also highlighting how there as to be some negatives. Hate crime is not a subject which is widely spoken about, or even commonly known, but they do happen more frequently then you realise. When I looked into this disability hate crimes have increased by 213% since 2013. As a society that claims to be improving equality for everyone (despite the people who unfortunately never will be accepting of any kind of diversity) I found this extremely shocking. I have been lucky enough to go through life with minimal te…

Week 2- NCS independent living...

What would happen if you put 16 and 17 year olds, who have only known each other for a week, in university accommodation, letting them experience independent living? Well that's what this week has been about! Halfway through my NCS program... 2 weeks in and it couldn't have been more of an adventure. In all honesty I really didn't know what to expect from this week- apart from not being told much (which made packing a suitcase fun) it was going to great fun, having the chance to spend more time with new friends and getting to know them all a bit more. It's safe to say this week could not have been predicted.... On Monday it was so lovely to meet up with everyone again, and this time actually knowing who people were, picking up from when we said bye the previous Friday (oh and texting you all over the weekend...). As you can imagine we all had to get allocated to rooms and settle in, each team having 2 flats, one for girls and one for boys. However getting stuck in the …

Week 1- NCS residential...

You know when you have an absolutely amazing experience, or a great day- one that you'll remember and cherish for years to come? This week has been one of those times, and here is why... The idea of going away to North Wales for 5 days with complete strangers probably would make the majority of people nervous, maybe even more so if you have very unpredictable medical conditions. However when Monday morning arrived I was excited for this challenge, looking forward to meeting new people and hoping for the best. I will just start off by saying that not only did I make friends in 5 days, I made friendships that makes me feel like I have known these guys for years, a whole new NCS family and I cannot thank you all enough for that. Right from the first activity of low ropes my team realised I do not take 'no' as an option, that these physical activities weren't going to mean I sat on the side. The instructor at the time said I wouldn't be able to take part, when I questio…

NCS is official!

I know, I know, I have only just posted something. As per usual I have a lot to say.....
To start with there was a lot of confusion about whether or not I was allowed to compete this summer residential due to medical conditions and uncontrolled epilepsy. However in the end it was agreed that I could take part, which is amazing- as I had been looking forward to it for so long!!! 
Now, for those of you who know what the NCS (National Citizenship Service) is, I will explain. You will be glad to know that it is a lot more exciting then it sounds, taking 4 weeks to complete, gaining skills, and having fun on the way!  And it goes a bit like this....
Week 1- residential (completing loads of crazy outdoor things and getting to know everyone)
Week 2- university halls (learning independent living skills and other qualifications like cooking and first aid)
Week 3 & 4- charity work (choosing whichever charity you want and coming up with a range of ideas to raise money)

I will be put into a group wi…

The Year 12 mountain- COMPLETE

Summer has arrived, what a relief!!!7 weeks off to recharge, relax and have some fun :)
Year 12 has been mad. Like each year of education, it's a step up from what you are used to- having to learn more and more each time. Oh and the university preparation. I'd be lying if I said it was an easy step up from GCSE's, but in reality that's probably true for the majority of people studying at college or sixth form. When you think it will be fine with only 4 subjects and free periods- oh how wrong! The coursework, exams, extra curricular, but let's not forget and the fun, the memories and amazing experiences along the way. 
Year 12 however has been an amazing year, doing things within school like supporting younger students through reading club and peer mentoring. Also I've had the opportunity of being head of backstage for the school production of Grease- again! Being in the production, and joining in with the schools dance challenge also meant I got to be on the radi…

Work experience- from the other side!


I know that title probably seems a little strange, so let me explain.

     This week I have had the privilege of working along side a team of physio's. Like many people with cerebral palsy I receive physio myself, meaning that this was a chance for a bit of a role reversal. However this does including seeing the amount of admin work which was involved. Yes, I was aware that a lot of it was dealing with referrals, discharge forms, reports and general observations- this week allowed all of that to all be put into perspective. Also what I did on my placement and what I have been able to get out of it is why it was the perfect placement for me.

     Firstly I instantly felt extremely welcomed by all of the team, which was really lovely. As well as getting compliments on my AFO zebra print splint, from the moment I walked in, this is not something which is incredible common, but something which was seen as pretty normal for them. Furthermore I think that the physio placement was pe…

New wheelchair?! :O

Hi, Oh my word! Middle of May already!!! Yet again this is slightly delayed.....
On the 1st May, I received my new wheelchair  :) From now on 1st May will be known as wheelchair day in my calendar, a time when I said goodbye to an old friend (or wheelchair) and hello to a bright, new, shiny, PURPLE one! (Xenon Quickie for all of you wheelchair hunters)
As far as wheelchairs go, I've never been a fan. (Various posts in the archive that back this up). It's never something I would want to use, or even use when it would probably be the 'safer' option. If you can walk, then walk- i'm a strong believer in the 'use it or loose it' phenomena. 
However we have to accept that we ALL have good and bad days, weeks, or even months. So sometimes, just sometimes we need to pack away the stubbornness (shove it in a pocket) and sit in a wheelchair despite our own feeling. The way I try to get around that is by pushing myself, at least way I still have my independence and c…

Serial casting

Hi, hey, hello + apologies!!!!

It's been ages since I have chance to put pen to paper so to speak (but in this day and age, it's more finger to screen). Am I the only one that misses that. Misses the true authenticity of a hand written letter- anyway, that's off topic!
The reason for the lack of posting will be down to the fact that I am very very busy- to say the least. AS level exams are quickly approaching with students and teachers rushing around to meet the dreaded coursework deadlines and finishing of the last things on the specification. So realisticly we would be able to sit the exam. So yes, exam season is the reason for my absence. Something which will be over in a few weeks *let the celebrations commence!*. However, enough about exams already!!!! *throws coursework and revision out of the window*, this is a blog, a nice safe enviroment (or something like that). Over the last 3 weeks I have managed to get through 3 casts- also known as serial casting. 
For those …

My letter to Cerebral Palsy

Feels like ages since I have updated my blog- I apologise! Things have been manic, to say the least. Firstly exam season is quickly approaching, revision is starting and coursework deadlines are upon us. However if you have been on my Facebook page this month, or any cerebral palsy page to be honest you will probably realise it's a special month for cerebral palsy advocates. It's Cerebral Palsy awareness month, and National Cerebral Palsy day- 25th March. Oh and let's not forget my birthday which is 18th March and the 2 year anniversary of this blog being 25th March as well! So yes, March isn't a month to be missed on my calendar! Due to it being an exciting month I have decided to write a letter, why I love cerebral palsy.

Dear Cerebral Palsy,

I both love and hate you.

I hate you because you make my life difficult. Every single day I’m faced with challenges because of you. Sometimes I wish you would go away and leave me alone. You trip me up and make me fall, maki…

'How I Fly' by Anne Eliot book review

Happy January everyone! To start the year off I'm going to be talking about a must read!.....What a book! If you haven’t read it then I would definitely recommend… to anyone. I don’t feel it would be fair for me to spoil it, so here goes. To start with if you have read ‘How I fall’ then you will be familiar with the character. The absolute truth of Ellen, a 16 year old, strong willed young woman with mild left hemiplegic cerebral palsy…. sounds slightly familiar, doesn’t it? Then, of course, there is the crazy Irish best friend that you can’t help but love to pieces- known as Laura. Closely followed with the best friend who is calm and collected, but willing to fight your battle if that is required- say hello to the adorable Patrick. Finally the lover, which typically you cant be with! Oh how books can be mean- AKA Cam.However don’t forget to say hello to some brand new faces, the likes of far too pretty French girls, called Clarisse, Sherlden and Chloe…. yet again, familiar. If y…