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My letter to Cerebral Palsy

Feels like ages since I have updated my blog- I apologise! Things have been manic, to say the least. Firstly exam season is quickly approaching, revision is starting and coursework deadlines are upon us. However if you have been on my Facebook page this month, or any cerebral palsy page to be honest you will probably realise it's a special month for cerebral palsy advocates. It's Cerebral Palsy awareness month, and National Cerebral Palsy day- 25th March. Oh and let's not forget my birthday which is 18th March and the 2 year anniversary of this blog being 25th March as well! So yes, March isn't a month to be missed on my calendar! Due to it being an exciting month I have decided to write a letter, why I love cerebral palsy.

Dear Cerebral Palsy,

I both love and hate you.

I hate you because you make my life difficult. Every single day I’m faced with challenges because of you. Sometimes I wish you would go away and leave me alone. You trip me up and make me fall, maki…