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Serial casting

Hi, hey, hello + apologies!!!!

It's been ages since I have chance to put pen to paper so to speak (but in this day and age, it's more finger to screen). Am I the only one that misses that. Misses the true authenticity of a hand written letter- anyway, that's off topic!
The reason for the lack of posting will be down to the fact that I am very very busy- to say the least. AS level exams are quickly approaching with students and teachers rushing around to meet the dreaded coursework deadlines and finishing of the last things on the specification. So realisticly we would be able to sit the exam. So yes, exam season is the reason for my absence. Something which will be over in a few weeks *let the celebrations commence!*. However, enough about exams already!!!! *throws coursework and revision out of the window*, this is a blog, a nice safe enviroment (or something like that). Over the last 3 weeks I have managed to get through 3 casts- also known as serial casting. 
For those …