Serial casting

Hi, hey, hello + apologies!!!!

It's been ages since I have chance to put pen to paper so to speak (but in this day and age, it's more finger to screen). Am I the only one that misses that. Misses the true authenticity of a hand written letter- anyway, that's off topic!

The reason for the lack of posting will be down to the fact that I am very very busy- to say the least. AS level exams are quickly approaching with students and teachers rushing around to meet the dreaded coursework deadlines and finishing of the last things on the specification. So realisticly we would be able to sit the exam. So yes, exam season is the reason for my absence. Something which will be over in a few weeks *let the celebrations commence!*. However, enough about exams already!!!! *throws coursework and revision out of the window*, this is a blog, a nice safe enviroment (or something like that). Over the last 3 weeks I have managed to get through 3 casts- also known as serial casting. 

For those of you who are unaware of what serial casting is, here goes. Basically the position that my left foot is in makes it hard to walk on, due to the muscles being far too tight. Therefore through various serial casts it is able to be forced into the right position which stretches all of the muscles and tendons. Unfortunately this hasn't been the most pleasant experience of my life. Making the sleepless nights even more sleepless and pain more controling. At times I just wanted it off. At times I wasn't too bothered if it would mean that I didn't get the results. To be honest it wasn't the best timing, just before exams- but no time is the right time. 

As you probably gathered I did stick with it, I got through the 3 weeks. Those 3 weeks scarily flew by as well! Wednesday was the day when the cast was changed, Wednesday became the best and the best and the worst day. Finally getting the cast off, to be faced with another one in a matter of minutes. I'd also like to thank all of my family and friends who supported me throughout and kept me focused on the end goal when it seemed miles and miles away. Also getting through a week and a half of school with everyone convinced that I had broken my leg. With my balance and coordination that doesn't seem too unlikely!

Throughout casting I did develop a new way of walking, also known as stomping. Something I would say exceeds walking. I am very happy to say that I did reach the results that I had hoped for, with my foot meeting the number of 90 degrees- for the first time ever! 90 degrees has always been the aim which sat on the horizon for 17 years, the number all physio's hope to reach. 

People often say- with the right pair of shoes you can take over the world. Some may class a pair of sparkly 8 inch stilettos as the 'right' pair, but for me that's different (of course). The right pair for me seems to be a black pair of school brogues, built up left sole, with a zebra print AFO to hold things into place. I can live with that. First I've just got to add to this way of walking (after casting) which will take some time. I'm still feeling like Bambi on ice or an excitable toddler wanting to get to the ultimate goal of sweets.

Unfortunately health and social coursework won't do itself, so I better be off!
Bye for now :) 


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