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New wheelchair?! :O

Hi, Oh my word! Middle of May already!!! Yet again this is slightly delayed.....
On the 1st May, I received my new wheelchair  :) From now on 1st May will be known as wheelchair day in my calendar, a time when I said goodbye to an old friend (or wheelchair) and hello to a bright, new, shiny, PURPLE one! (Xenon Quickie for all of you wheelchair hunters)
As far as wheelchairs go, I've never been a fan. (Various posts in the archive that back this up). It's never something I would want to use, or even use when it would probably be the 'safer' option. If you can walk, then walk- i'm a strong believer in the 'use it or loose it' phenomena. 
However we have to accept that we ALL have good and bad days, weeks, or even months. So sometimes, just sometimes we need to pack away the stubbornness (shove it in a pocket) and sit in a wheelchair despite our own feeling. The way I try to get around that is by pushing myself, at least way I still have my independence and c…