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Work experience- from the other side!


I know that title probably seems a little strange, so let me explain.

     This week I have had the privilege of working along side a team of physio's. Like many people with cerebral palsy I receive physio myself, meaning that this was a chance for a bit of a role reversal. However this does including seeing the amount of admin work which was involved. Yes, I was aware that a lot of it was dealing with referrals, discharge forms, reports and general observations- this week allowed all of that to all be put into perspective. Also what I did on my placement and what I have been able to get out of it is why it was the perfect placement for me.

     Firstly I instantly felt extremely welcomed by all of the team, which was really lovely. As well as getting compliments on my AFO zebra print splint, from the moment I walked in, this is not something which is incredible common, but something which was seen as pretty normal for them. Furthermore I think that the physio placement was pe…