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NCS is official!

I know, I know, I have only just posted something. As per usual I have a lot to say.....
To start with there was a lot of confusion about whether or not I was allowed to compete this summer residential due to medical conditions and uncontrolled epilepsy. However in the end it was agreed that I could take part, which is amazing- as I had been looking forward to it for so long!!! 
Now, for those of you who know what the NCS (National Citizenship Service) is, I will explain. You will be glad to know that it is a lot more exciting then it sounds, taking 4 weeks to complete, gaining skills, and having fun on the way!  And it goes a bit like this....
Week 1- residential (completing loads of crazy outdoor things and getting to know everyone)
Week 2- university halls (learning independent living skills and other qualifications like cooking and first aid)
Week 3 & 4- charity work (choosing whichever charity you want and coming up with a range of ideas to raise money)

I will be put into a group wi…

The Year 12 mountain- COMPLETE

Summer has arrived, what a relief!!!7 weeks off to recharge, relax and have some fun :)
Year 12 has been mad. Like each year of education, it's a step up from what you are used to- having to learn more and more each time. Oh and the university preparation. I'd be lying if I said it was an easy step up from GCSE's, but in reality that's probably true for the majority of people studying at college or sixth form. When you think it will be fine with only 4 subjects and free periods- oh how wrong! The coursework, exams, extra curricular, but let's not forget and the fun, the memories and amazing experiences along the way. 
Year 12 however has been an amazing year, doing things within school like supporting younger students through reading club and peer mentoring. Also I've had the opportunity of being head of backstage for the school production of Grease- again! Being in the production, and joining in with the schools dance challenge also meant I got to be on the radi…