The Year 12 mountain- COMPLETE

Summer has arrived, what a relief!!!
7 weeks off to recharge, relax and have some fun :)

Year 12 has been mad. Like each year of education, it's a step up from what you are used to- having to learn more and more each time. Oh and the university preparation. I'd be lying if I said it was an easy step up from GCSE's, but in reality that's probably true for the majority of people studying at college or sixth form. When you think it will be fine with only 4 subjects and free periods- oh how wrong! The coursework, exams, extra curricular, but let's not forget and the fun, the memories and amazing experiences along the way. 

Year 12 however has been an amazing year, doing things within school like supporting younger students through reading club and peer mentoring. Also I've had the opportunity of being head of backstage for the school production of Grease- again! Being in the production, and joining in with the schools dance challenge also meant I got to be on the radio and in the school magazine (it's show business guys, excuse the cheese!) 

As well as Year 12 proving challenging for a large number of reasons, it has also been extremely rewarding. If you would have asked me to do a speech everyday, in front of the whole school, over the course of the week, I would have laughed, or possibly cried... I wouldn't say I'm shy, but can be if I don't know people. Even the thought of standing up in front of an audience terrifies me- even now! However this year I believe that with the support of some members of staff I have gained a lot more confidence, and I applied for head girl. 

When I applied I just wanted the experience, to see if I could talk in front of that many people. So when I got an interview I was really nervous, but excited. All of the candidates were amazing people, all of whom would have made an amazing head girl. The first speech was to my year group, I would tell you about it, apart from I can't, all I can remember is shaking like crazy- but apparently went quite well. As the week went on it got better and better, by Friday I couldn't wait, it had become more fun and less scary. After (what must have been incredibly difficult) deliberation I was given the position of assistant head girl, which I am both shocked and absolutely delighted with. Just can't wait to put it to good use next year!!!

Results day is only around the corner- 13th August. I guess that will be when the end of year 12 comes. The Year 12 mountain has been long, tiring, rewarding and unforgettable. 

In the meantime I have a pretty mad summer (shocking I know.... Certainly not like me at all!). Surrounded by hospital appointments, days out with friends and film days. I also am going to Wales on Monday to complete the first section of NCS (national citizenship service), more to follow on that very soon!

Hope you all have a lovely summer, and get the results you all deserve! :) 

~ Chloe x

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