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Hate crimes are not acceptable

Hi, Apologise yet again for not posting in a very long time, things always seem to take priority which means the hobbies end up at the bottom of the pile. However for the time being I am taking a break from coursework and I am going to write for you instead. From the title you have probably guessed what I'm going to write about, but please still keep reading. 
Unfortunately this post might not be as cheery as you might have hoped, but I believe that it will still be a good read- also highlighting how there as to be some negatives. Hate crime is not a subject which is widely spoken about, or even commonly known, but they do happen more frequently then you realise. When I looked into this disability hate crimes have increased by 213% since 2013. As a society that claims to be improving equality for everyone (despite the people who unfortunately never will be accepting of any kind of diversity) I found this extremely shocking. I have been lucky enough to go through life with minimal te…