Hate crimes are not acceptable

Apologise yet again for not posting in a very long time, things always seem to take priority which means the hobbies end up at the bottom of the pile. However for the time being I am taking a break from coursework and I am going to write for you instead. From the title you have probably guessed what I'm going to write about, but please still keep reading. 

Unfortunately this post might not be as cheery as you might have hoped, but I believe that it will still be a good read- also highlighting how there as to be some negatives. Hate crime is not a subject which is widely spoken about, or even commonly known, but they do happen more frequently then you realise. When I looked into this disability hate crimes have increased by 213% since 2013. As a society that claims to be improving equality for everyone (despite the people who unfortunately never will be accepting of any kind of diversity) I found this extremely shocking. I have been lucky enough to go through life with minimal teasing, until a few weeks ago. I’m not going to go into details, because that’s not relevant, but targeting someone because of their disability is not acceptable- and never will be. 

For me it wasn’t really what they did that was upsetting, it was the reasons behind it. The fact that a lot of people in my position would just let it pass. Either being too shy to say something or not having the ability to get their point across- feeling even more helpless. It's not acceptable to think that anyone with a disability is any less. We are just as smart and confident and not afraid to have our voices heard, even if that means I talk a little too much.... 

However disability hate crimes, suggest we are the vulnerable ones. They mistake it all for weakness when in fact it's probably the reason why we have achieved so much. Having a disability is just one part of who you are as a person and shouldn’t get in the way of life, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Having cerebral palsy does get in the way, it is a massive pain, and honestly not very enjoyable. On the other hand it’s how you overcome the challenges that matter, having that little victory if you spend all day off the floor, surely a life of small victories is more fun.  Having a disability of any kind will change your life, but who’s to argue that it has to be for the worst? As strange as it sounds, without cerebral palsy I don’t think I would have achieved what I have, so why target me, or anyone else with a disability?

Finally, I know from experience that having a disability can take time to accept. Imagine if someone was new to their condition, surely being the target for a crime due to their condition is only going to set them back. People should not be defined by something which they cannot control and I don’t believe anyone deserves this. Disability is one piece of the thousand piece puzzle which makes up an individual, let’s see the disability as a small factor of them and stop disability hate crime. 
~Chloe x

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