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Planning for the next chapter... university!


Time is going so fast at the moment, it feels like two minutes ago that I started sixth form, never mind completing the first year and now applying to university! I believe that this is something which is an enormous decision for everyone, even just picking what you want to study can be challenging in itself! However if you have a disability it can make the decision of where to study even more complex than others. By going to a number of open days it meant that I was able to see what disability support they offered, whether this was a personal assistant, someone to take notes in lectures or the way they could help in terms of exams. Personally I believe this support will be really good in all universities as it is a requirement and a disability should never stop anyone from perusing a higher education course!
By the time it came to apply I was fairly sure what I wanted to study, even if it has altered slightly over the year. In the end I have gone with study psychology and educa…