Planning for the next chapter... university!


Time is going so fast at the moment, it feels like two minutes ago that I started sixth form, never mind completing the first year and now applying to university! I believe that this is something which is an enormous decision for everyone, even just picking what you want to study can be challenging in itself! However if you have a disability it can make the decision of where to study even more complex than others. By going to a number of open days it meant that I was able to see what disability support they offered, whether this was a personal assistant, someone to take notes in lectures or the way they could help in terms of exams. Personally I believe this support will be really good in all universities as it is a requirement and a disability should never stop anyone from perusing a higher education course!

By the time it came to apply I was fairly sure what I wanted to study, even if it has altered slightly over the year. In the end I have gone with study psychology and education/ child development (or some variation depending on the university) with the hope of doing a PGCE afterwards. The end goal for this is to work within a school setting, even if this doesn’t include teaching, but who knows where it could lead me in the next 3 years! I just feel that the support which I have been given with my education has been fundamental for the success and would like to support young people in a similar way to achieve their own goals. At the moment this would be helping students within a high school or sixth form- not that I have anything against primary school….I just had to find a university which was suitable.

Now I understand that everyone will have their own requirements which they are wanting for the university, whether that’s the size of the accommodation or the way which the class is taught, or what other things they can offer for the students- let’s be honest, student life needs to be good! On a more positive note the wheelchair accessible bedrooms are always bigger than the average room, we all know wheels can give us a bigger bum. However this still will differ depending on the university. My first choice has HUGE accessible rooms, I’m sure you could get a double air bed on the floor (great for when friends come and visit…. Hopefully!) I promise this isn’t the sole reason it is my first choice.

Also university is going to a big change, moving from my high school/ sixth form where everyone knows me, to the complete unknown. At the moment if I fall, people expect it. If I have a seizure, people know what to do, and in some respects this is just something which has come with time. I have always said that going unconscious on someone is a great icebreaker and a good way to form friends- I will stand by that. I have a great group of friends who are able to support me in loads of ways, to start with that won’t be the case at university, though I’m sure it won’t take long! In the meantime it’s about making sure that support is put into place so that I arrive and everything be okay. Also passing on information to the tutors which I will be having, so I am able to get the most out of the lectures.

At the moment it seems like it is far too early to be planning all of this, let’s just see if I can make it to the Christmas holidays with all of the coursework deadlines met before we start planning the next academic year…. It may feel like it is ages away but I know it will be here too fast for my liking, along with these A- Level exams!

Just have to wait until I start getting offers now :o

~ Chloe

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