8 things I have learnt during the year of 2015

So 2015 is nearly over, something I really cannot believe! However, it is safe to say that this year has been one of the most action pack, crazy, amazing years of my life... I have managed to cram in so much and actually achieve a lot whether that be personal or academic.
Instead of writing a huge list of all the things I have done this year I am going to try and summarise it into 8 manageable lessons which I feel I have learnt during the last 12 months...

NUMBER 1: Always be open to new adventure's
This can probably be applied to many circumstances over the past year, whether that is helping Anne Eliot to write a book or saying yes to the NCS program (even if it was extremely last minute!). As you can have a great time and make the most amazing friends in the process!

NUMBER 2: Looking at things from another angle can be so eye- opening
For this one I am referring back to my work experience that I did just before the summer with a team of physio's. As you can imagine I have had my fair share of physio- therapy over the years, and this was my chance to see 'behind the scenes' and teach them a few tricks along the way. Can I go back yet?

NUMBER 3: Hard work does pays off
From AS- Levels to becoming one of the head ambassadors of CP Teens UK. If you stick with something it does pay off. Through becoming an ambassador of the charity it means I can get involved with so much more (because I'm not busy enough...) like planning events for other CP teens, and being in contact with other people my age who know the joys that cerebral palsy can bring.

NUMBER 4: Sometimes, just sometimes, a fall can be the very thing to get you back on your feet
Now I understand this statement won't make sense, so let me explain. A few months a go, back when I was using crutches or my chair to get around school I fell on one of the main corridors (no surprise I know). However, in the process I damaged my left elbow and was unable to push myself or use crutches and there was no way I was going to be pushed around waiting it to heal. So I was able to slowly move back to my stick and now can walk around school with my stick for most of the week (and the odd fall...).

NUMBER 5: Turn obstacles into opportunities 
Back in October I was unfortunately involved in a disability hate crime. Instead of worrying about it I wrote about it (the topic of hate crimes in general) and attracted the attention of my local MP. After a few emails backwards and forwards it was arranged that he would take some questions to parliament about the issue- and I received some positive responses with hope of them clamping down on this issue in the year to come :)

NUMBER 6: A new set of wheels cannot clash with an outfit
Back in May I got a new wheelchair, of course it was purple. Now I'm not talking about discreet purple, I'm talking about in your face, HELLO I'M PURPLE!, kind of purple. Many people said it would clash with outfits... since I had been used to a black one. However that has not been the case, at least I don't think so. The chair is merely an added extra!

NUMBER 7: Career changes can be okay!
At the start of the year I wanted to be a children's Occupational therapist (and had wanted this for a few years). However I have changed my mind and have chosen to study Psychology and Child development with the hope of doing a PGCE afterwards! With all university's giving me an offer I am confident that this is what I will be studying after completing my A- levels this coming summer.

NUMBER 8: Do the things that scare you most- you might surprise yourself
Go out there and do it! For me this could be getting over my fear of public speaking, now something which I actually enjoy! Also I managed to get selected for assistant head girl in the process and have done various assembly's to all year groups... Or this month when I decided to walk unaided to get the award for 'Service to the Community & School" (with not a fall in sight, just very very shaky legs!)

Thank you so much for being part of this year and I am so excited for the year ahead!!
Have a lovely New Year :)

- Chloe x

p.s- Fingers crossed for 11,000 page views for the New Year???

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