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What does your family teach you?

Wow, January has almost come to an end already, and it certainly has been a busy start to the year! I have just finished my year 13 mock exams, had various hospital appointments and was in the local newspaper for my blog and being a head ambassador for CP Teens UK... However, today I am going to talk about something a little closer to home- family!

You learn from the ones who you spend the most time with. The ones who help you through hard times, but also the ones who you can have good times with as well. Your family has a massive part to play in that. Don't get me wrong you can fall out, however when something good comes along that doesn't really matter does it? 

My family have taught me it's okay to laugh and but also that it's okay to cry. It's okay to be annoyed and upset if you can't do something you want to do. It's okay to scream and shout when things get hard and have the normal teenage temper tantrums. However they have also taught me to laugh becau…