What does your family teach you?

Wow, January has almost come to an end already, and it certainly has been a busy start to the year! I have just finished my year 13 mock exams, had various hospital appointments and was in the local newspaper for my blog and being a head ambassador for CP Teens UK... However, today I am going to talk about something a little closer to home- family!

You learn from the ones who you spend the most time with. The ones who help you through hard times, but also the ones who you can have good times with as well. Your family has a massive part to play in that. Don't get me wrong you can fall out, however when something good comes along that doesn't really matter does it? 

My family have taught me it's okay to laugh and but also that it's okay to cry. It's okay to be annoyed and upset if you can't do something you want to do. It's okay to scream and shout when things get hard and have the normal teenage temper tantrums. However they have also taught me to laugh because that can be so much better, and a lot more fun.

Laugh when I fall over, or laugh at the funny things I do, like the really odd looks I get when I request a straw, even though I have just ordered a coffee. You can all laugh, as long as you help me up after! Believe me, when I say that I have done some ridiculous things in my time! Also to laugh at things once they have happened, like awkward encounters with doctors.... like when you have waited months for an appointment and get the dreaded "so why are you here today?", even if they were the one to send you the appointment in the first place.

How about something funny that one of us have said or done? Life can be a lot easier if you just laugh your way through, of course remaining serious for certain occasions (serious face). The high number of inside jokes which no one would understand... Your family can also teach you to get up and keep going, all helping each other, knowing that at the end of the day you can just all talk about a bad day or celebrate a good one!

Next month doesn't seem to be getting any quieter, the school production is starting to get into the swing or rehearsals, never ending coursework deadlines and meeting up with friends. Hopefully, the next post will be a guest blog- I will keep you all updates, thanks for reading, as always!

~ Chloe x


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