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National Diversity Awards

For those of you who do not know, I have recently been nominated for a National Diversity Award for 'Positive role model' in the disability category which I am absolutely amazed about!
I just had an email pop up.... and at first I didn't believe it (but it is real!)
Being a quite a small blog means that the chances of me actually winning are highly unlikely!!! but that does not actually matter, the responses which I have received so far have been so heart warming and on occasions made me cry. To know what impact you can have on people's lives is really powerful- the amount of people who I have never met and were unaware that they were following my blog!
It has also been so nice to get to know my audience a little better and find out the number of parents who have CP and how they can use what I write as a piece of support or hope in terms of what the future could hold for their child.
Even if I was to get shortlisted it would be a huge achievement for me and I wo…


Apologies for the lack of writing which has been happening... I try to post at least once a month and it always seems to be something which is left until last minute.... having A- Levels takes up a lot of time and energy!
March (I know it's the beginning of April) is often a very busy month on my blog page with it being Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day and all sorts of other things where there is an extra big push on awareness. I did have time to write a little bit on my facebook page during this day:

"Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! The day where there can be one big push on making people aware. Over the last year I would say that cerebral palsy awareness has definitely reached new heights for me, both on this page and the things I have achieved. Looking back to this time last year it was just before I had serial casting, to try and improve my walking, which it did! It was the time when I sitting my AS- Levels and had the pleasure of doing work experience with a grou…