The 5k Sponsored Wobble!
Apologies for the lack of writing which has been happening... I try to post at least once a month and it always seems to be something which is left until last minute.... having A- Levels takes up a lot of time and energy!
March (I know it's the beginning of April) is often a very busy month on my blog page with it being Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day and all sorts of other things where there is an extra big push on awareness. I did have time to write a little bit on my facebook page during this day:

Just a few of the things which I have
 done over the past year, since last
CP awareness day
"Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! The day where there can be one big push on making people aware. Over the last year I would say that cerebral palsy awareness has definitely reached new heights for me, both on this page and the things I have achieved. Looking back to this time last year it was just before I had serial casting, to try and improve my walking, which it did! It was the time when I sitting my AS- Levels and had the pleasure of doing work experience with a group of physio’s- which I loved! I also got my brand new PURPLE wheelchair which cannot be missed, does that count as awareness?
Over the summer holiday's it was filled with NCS, I remember one of the first things I did (in front of all of these people that I have never met before) was fall over, but also over the course of the next 4 weeks I built up such good friendships and had an amazing time!
Then as we move into the beginning of the academic year I unfortunately was involved in a disability hate crime, where I managed to get questions asked on the topic in parliament, and am working with my local MP to reduce the amount of disability hate crimes which are occurring.
I also believe that CP Teens UK has been a big part of what I have done for CP awareness this year, I have had the privilege of becoming one of their head ambassadors with a profile on their webpage and had a great time at the charity ball, as well as raising money while doing the 5k ‘sponsored wobble’ which was so much fun (but tiring!!!)
Just before the begin of this year I was also awarded Service to Community & School at the celebration which my school held, and walked unassisted to get it, which at the time was such a big achievement for me. I was in my local newspaper for the celebration evening as well as for being part of CP Teens, before the ‘sponsored wobble’ took place which was still quite surreal to see!
Writing my blog and having this Facebook page has been a great outlet for me when talking about the difficulties and success that cerebral palsy can bring, but I am also so glad that it can be a source of awareness to others and the ability to connect with other people who are in a similar situation. The support which can come from that will never stop being important.
Who knows what the next year will bring in terms of CP awareness...
Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day and hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!

My final product in textiles is nearly finished!

As well as being Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day over the last month I also managed to cram in the school production (of High School Musical), CP Teens 5k Sponsored Wobble, a university open day, my 18th birthday and the school's talent show... never a dull moment! With exams fastly approaching it's revision and coursework which is going to take the priority with the lovely long summer break at the finish line. I know the last term of school is going to go so fast, then it is off to univeristy where a whole new set of challenges is waiting- and plently more blog posts of course :)
I have accepted my offer to study Psychology and Child Development so I just need to get the grades now... no pressure!

After having this blog for 3 years, who knows what can happen in terms of CP awareness in the next year, I can certainly promise you it will not be boring or ordinary :)

Thank you so much for supporting, I'd love to hear from you.
- Chloe x


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