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Adjusting to a wheelchair as a teenager

I have mild Cerebral Palsy but it wasn't until the age of 15 that I used a wheelchair part- time. Before this point I had seen it as giving up- and probably should have used one quite a few years before I did to prevent higher pain levels and fatigue. As I approached my teenage years my health/ mobility began to deteriorate and I was experiencing pain which was just getting worse and worse. Previously my Cerebral Palsy was not too noticeable and I no longer had to wear AFO splints. As a teenager you normally gain more freedom, become independent and find yourself. Yet I found myself having to rely on others more, at times feeling stuck in a chair, as well as having to adapt to changing health which led me into the unknown.

Part of adjusting has actually been learning how to use a wheelchair, and to start with I was such a bad driver! The first time I used my wheelchair at school, it was the first time I had pushed myself and I was hoping it would go unnoticed but was prepared for …