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National Diversity Award...

As many of you may know I was absolutely amazed to be nominated for a National Diversity Award back in April. The support which I have got from this has been overwhelming and all the votes have been heartwarming to read. 
To be honest and truthful when spreading awareness is something that I believe to be extremely important. I am aware that the views that I hold are held my many disabled people who are in the exact same situation as myself, meaning we can all benefit from awareness on this topic. It means a great deal to me to be in a position where I am able to voice my opinion as there are others who are unable to do so. Being an advocate for others has increased my own confidence and in turn I hope the work that I do is able to support and encourage other people to voice their opinions or to remain positive when faced with adversity. Disability awareness is something that I am passionate about, especially the power to connect with other young people. When I was younger I did…

The end of 'Life as a Sixth Form student'

Yet again I find my find myself at the end of an era, moving on to 'bigger and better things' they say, when it only seems like two minutes ago that I had finished my GCSE's! After being at the same school for 7 years, I am not only finishing as a sixth form student but also saying a final goodbye to high school and all that it has entailed. 
In my opinion sixth form has been amazing in so many ways. Let's forget about the stress of A-Levels, the late nights to get coursework in and students complaining over the dress code. I don't even see the point in bringing up the amount of times I have fallen in front of other people, merely because that would need a whole blog post of it's own. Instead, sixth form can only be described as the hardest, most rewarding, challenging, uplifting two years of my education to date and I wouldn't actually change a thing. Over the last two years I have gained a lot more confidence and with that has come opportunities like publi…

What a start to summer!

When I finished my A- Levels the vision I had for summer was full of relaxing days catching up on all the books I had wanted to read, as well as planning days out with friends and just generally having a good time! However, if you know me well enough you will know that nothing is simple, uneventful or ordinary- too many days in hospital later I am finally back home.
I have epilepsy which is very uncontrolled, despite seizures being drastically reduced from what they used to be, they still can often just be part of everyday life for me. For the vast majority of instances, they last a few minutes; I need a few minutes to come round and then can carry on with what I was doing before. On the odd occasion however, they last longer, have a greater impact, are more severe and end with a good old trip to A&E! I am very lucky that this has only happened a couple of times and not actually resulted in me being admitted, until now.
This particular time I caused a bit of a stir in my local tow…