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Going on a night out with Cerebral Palsy

Unfortunately, we can't lose cerebral palsy when on a night out with friends, we can't even give it to someone else for an hour or two- it likes to tag along. This is itself can pose some extra challenges in a number of ways, and you thought picking what to wear was the biggest dilemma!

Like many teenagers I love going out with friends and having a good time. I enjoy picking something nice to wear (even if that can take forever) then doing my hair and makeup, probably spending far too long in front of the bathroom mirror in the process! So I am completely ready and now just need to decide what shoes to wear. I appreciate that for anyone going out this is an incredibly hard decision, even if it is choosing which variation of your many black heels go best. Due to having cerebral palsy, it means that my shoe collection can be limited to shoes that splints fit into and on a night out this is no exception. I am not embarrassed by wearing splints and spend the vast majority of the ti…

It's important that I know others with Cerebral Palsy

Now I know that may seem a little odd, why is it so important that I know others who have cerebral palsy? Also, why do I think it is equally important that I make myself known to others who have cerebral palsy?
I am not saying the world needs to know who I am because that in itself is crazy, and very hard to comprehend in the first place. However, even if it is a handful of people who have cerebral palsy know me then my aim of writing is fulfilled. When I was younger I didn't know anyone who had CP, the whole community of people out there only became apparent to me when I was about 14 years old. Finding that there were other people who knew exactly what it was like was eye- opening and heart warming. It was so fascinating to learn about the massive scale which is CP, and that allowed me to gain a much greater understanding of my own condition, which had previously only been restricted to my own experiences. After a few years of researching, I knew that I didn't want a young pe…

The journey of splints

The saying goes "before you criticise someone you should walk a mile in their shoes" or "give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" and from what I gather shoes are kind of important, and often used as a fashion accessory to match outfits! I guess some people's shoes require the help of splints for them to be more functional...
I first started wearing a full-length AFO when I was diagnosed at the age of 7. All I remember is hating the actual casting process! This is done the same way it would be if you had broken your leg, but then is cut off and used as moulds, and looking back I have no idea what was so horrible about it. I clearly remember having my first splint made and the decision over choosing a pattern was one of the hardest decisions ever! When I went to pick it up I honestly had no idea what to expect, the whole thing was all new- but unfortunately, the physio had forgotten to tick the pattern option and the splint came back plain whit…

Summer university residential!

Now we all like to feel prepared for the future, don't we? So I feel the chance to spend 3 days at my first choice university during the summer was the best preparation possible for the September ahead. A chance to learn more about the course, attempt to navigate the campus, but more importantly meet the people who I will potentially be spending the next 3 years with.
As I was packing for residential, besides thinking that my bag was far too small, I really didn't know what to expect. Was everyone going to be really shy and quiet for the whole 3 days? Maybe the people in my flat wouldn't want to talk, or maybe I realised I didn't like the course anymore... Also, the thought of having a seizure or falling was a little more frightening than normal- let's be honest, it was going to happen. I have become so used to being around people who know exactly what to do, people who have probably seen me fall a hundred times and (I hope) don't panic like crazy during a seiz…