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We say thank you to the doctors

We say thank you to the doctors for saving our lives, they are the symbol of healthcare that is provided and projected, but do we remember the others who help just as much?
Do we say thank you to paramedics for holding our shaking hand at a time of need? Are the A&E staff forgotten as they are rushed off their feet, but also to provide a drink and toast to get us through one of the hardest nights we may face?
Then there are the porters who reassure disorientated patient moving wards, carefully pack up your things whilst you sleep as peacefully as possible. You may not be leaving that week, but in their caring hands that hope you move forward.
The nursing staff who see you daily, making your day and notice a change in character, or those who congratulate an improvement no matter how small that may be. The smallest thing seems like mountains, but from the summit, oh what a lovely view it is.
Thanks must be given to the catering staff for the food they provide, this is needed, but remembering how…

The adventure begins!

It has nearly been two weeks since I started university and it has gone so fast! It has been so busy and so action-packed that it's only now, when I've stopped and relaxed, that it has all hit me at once. After the crazy weekend beforehand, moving into university didn't really register until the car was all packed up and we were about to set off. I have been to a few open days at my university, and even a summer residential as preparation, but this was the actual thing- and definitely no turning back now! The halls that I have moved into are brand new, this does mean that we are the first people to stay there which is great. However, this has meant a few teething problems along the way, with the main thing for me being that the lift keeps breaking (just thankful that I am only on the first floor!) but hopefully now that it is fixed it will remain this way.

I have been so used to being surround by people who knew me and knew what to do in the event of a fall or seizure, or a…