The adventure begins!

It has nearly been two weeks since I started university and it has gone so fast! It has been so busy and so action-packed that it's only now, when I've stopped and relaxed, that it has all hit me at once. After the crazy weekend beforehand, moving into university didn't really register until the car was all packed up and we were about to set off. I have been to a few open days at my university, and even a summer residential as preparation, but this was the actual thing- and definitely no turning back now! The halls that I have moved into are brand new, this does mean that we are the first people to stay there which is great. However, this has meant a few teething problems along the way, with the main thing for me being that the lift keeps breaking (just thankful that I am only on the first floor!) but hopefully now that it is fixed it will remain this way.

I have been so used to being surround by people who knew me and knew what to do in the event of a fall or seizure, or anything else for that matter. I am very happy to inform you that everyone in my flat is really lovely (maybe even a little mad) and I cannot wait to spend a year with these guys. It is very odd to think I have only known them for a few weeks yet we are like a big family, and I already have the nickname of grandma- which is quite fitting! On the first night there was a Hawaiian themed party at the student union which everyone went to, someone brought back a paper pineapple, this has now become our mascot and has pride of place in our kitchen (and I have a feeling it will be there all year). We all get on really well and have spent many evenings in the flat playing games and having a laugh, as well as organising trips out as a flat.

During freshers week there was also quite a few intro lectures which was a great chance to get to know people on your course and meet the lecturers who will be teaching me for the first semester. Due to me doing a psychology course it means that I have some lectures with all of the other psychology courses in a big lecture theatre, but then also have smaller classes with the people who have chosen psychology and child development. It wasn't long (the second day in fact) until we were thrown in at the deep end and given our first assignment which is due next Friday. The first week also meant that we were able to familiarise ourselves with the campus and get to know where everything is, I definitely think going to the summer residential helped with this! So far I haven't got lost... but there is still time. I know that I have a completely new room tomorrow morning, so that may be the time I get lost, it also happens to be at the complete opposite side of the campus. However, I quickly realised that the accessible routes around the building are completely different, a girl in my flat who is doing the same course isn't actually aware where the stairs are yet (due to always coming in the lifts with me!).

As well as lecture there were other events which the university put on for us to take part in, including a quiz, free pizza, comedy night and a hypnotist to name a few. My favourite night was probably the 'school disco' which was at the student union bar. I was so close to not going due to being really tired after a busy day but really glad that I did, even if that was bad pacing on my part! This event was a major throwback, with most of the songs being from when I would have been in primary school. Unfortunately the lift had stopped working, so I made the decision to just take my stick and go for it (because how hard could it be?). I am very happy to say that I didn't fall that evening, but there was plenty of times where this nearly happened. Luckily at this point people in my flat were aware that I could be unsteady if I got knocked and being on a busy dance floor meant that I got knocked a great deal, just thankful for their quick reactions! However I am sure that the sticky floor did not help the situation, but also acted as motivation to stay upright- I was not going to fall onto that! During the evening there was this one guy (who was obviously drunk) who kept walking straight up to me, asking for my stick, dancing with it, then handing it back to me and walking away. The first time it happened I was so confused, it seemed to be the most casual thing that had ever happened, yet was so odd and funny at the same time. I still have no idea who this person was and I had no idea that a stick could be such a good prop to dance with- as long as I get it back in the end.

Another event was the freshers fair, something every university will put on to showcase the extra things that you can get involved with. If you know me well then you will be aware that I love to busy, but be proud- I only signed up to two different things. The first being the student magazine, they were really impressed with my experience and think that I can bring something unique to the magazine, we will just have to wait and see! The second thing was a drama company which is outside the university but based very local to where I am, this means that I will be able to continue doing work backstage and is also a great opportunity to get to know more people. Also, I am in the process of applying for course representative for psychology, but filling in this form is a lot harder than anticipated. How are you supposed to sell yourself when no one actually knows who you are? Luckily I still have a bit of time before the deadline!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the second week of lectures, pretty sure it will be Christmas before I know it! I should get back to researching my assignment that is due the end of next week....

~ Chloe x

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