We say thank you to the doctors

We say thank you to the doctors for saving our lives,
they are the symbol of healthcare that is provided and projected,
but do we remember the others who help just as much?

Do we say thank you to paramedics for holding our shaking hand at a time of need?
Are the A&E staff forgotten as they are rushed off their feet,
but also to provide a drink and toast to get us through one of the hardest nights we may face?

Then there are the porters who reassure disorientated patient moving wards,
carefully pack up your things whilst you sleep as peacefully as possible.
You may not be leaving that week, but in their caring hands that hope you move forward.

The nursing staff who see you daily, making your day and notice a change in character,
or those who congratulate an improvement no matter how small that may be.
The smallest thing seems like mountains, but from the summit, oh what a lovely view it is.

Thanks must be given to the catering staff for the food they provide, this is needed,
but remembering how you take your morning coffee is the caring nature of the job.
How they are so cheery on the morning round can set your mood for the day.

The friends and family who take the time to visit our new home, even just an hour,
it raises our spirits and gives us something to focus on, getting us through the long day.
We are sorry if we are asleep right through your stay, your presence is still appreciated.

Physiotherapists who fight with misbehaving muscles and equipment to retain mobility,
those extra few steps on the corridor, they get you to the stairs of recovery.
The hours they put in can determine the years of rehabilitation and end result of recovery.

Let's not forget the student nurses, they are choosing a career to benefit others,
how we as patients can shape their outlook and mould them into the nurses they go on to become.
We may be the first patients they see but definitely won’t be the last, thank for choosing us.

Why not also thank the patients for the wisdom, time and compassion shown through your time together?
The tales that can be told show more insight into life than you may ever realise.
Friendships made over sickness, that then may last through to health.

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