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Adventures of a vintage tearoom

In reality I try to be a 'normal' teenager (whatever that actually is) and last weekend was no exception, so off I went to a vintage tearoom with a friend. I had never been to this little cafe before but from pictures it looked so adorable, and I wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to get a good coffee any time soon. However, when I am involved things never seem to go plan, because that would be far too simple wouldn't it!? I've always said, unless you use a wheelchair, or are with someone who uses one then you won't realise how inaccessible this world actually is. You won't realise that the vast majority of pavements are on a slant (check next time you are out), which makes pushing yourself very tricky. Or how random little steps can cause such issues, now don't even get me started on cobbles! 
For this particular outing we got the train to where we needed to be, surely this wouldn't be a problem, they have ramps and it is a public place- I ho…

The Stages of a Medical Setback

Unfortunately, as with a lot of medical conditions the affect that it has on our bodies is not constant, it can fluctuate, it can flare up, it can misbehave and it can happen at any point. The most recent example of this for me occurred due to a fall, having a significant effect on my walking. It doesn’t matter how many setbacks you’ve had, it never gets easier and regrettably it won’t be the last. One thing I do know is that there seems to be ‘stages’ that we have to go through in order to overcome a big obstacle in health, to move on from it and carry on the lives we live.
1. Denial Things can happen in a split second. Your health can be doing pretty well, minus the normal aches and pains, which you consider your version of normal. Suddenly you are in the back of an ambulance, things going wrong that are completely out of your control, beeping machines and lots of new faces wanting a response from you. The only word that make sense in the hospital are “not again” or “this can’t be ha…

The CP Teens UK Charity Ball 2016

It feels like the ball was ages and ages ago, but never the less it must have its own blog post! After madness at university and being admitted to hospital, the weeks that have passed seem to be blurred into one! Let's time travel back a little to the 8th October (how it has nearly been a month I do not know!). The CP Teens UK charity ball of 2016, the second ball of its kind, yet just as good. It was so lovely to work closer with Ellie (the founder of the charity) to organise the ball this year and help to create such a special evening for everyone. After nearly a year of preparation the day had finally arrived, the mixture of nerves in the hope that everything will go to plan and the excitement of the day ahead. I arrived at the venue at about midday and the room was so lovely! This year we had a big balloon arch over the door in the charity colours of green and pink. The whole room following this colour scheme, made me realise how big the evening was going to be when seein…