The CP Teens UK Charity Ball 2016


It feels like the ball was ages and ages ago, but never the less it must have its own blog post! After madness at university and being admitted to hospital, the weeks that have passed seem to be blurred into one! Let's time travel back a little to the 8th October (how it has nearly been a month I do not know!). The CP Teens UK charity ball of 2016, the second ball of its kind, yet just as good. It was so lovely to work closer with Ellie (the founder of the charity) to organise the ball this year and help to create such a special evening for everyone.
After nearly a year of preparation the day had finally arrived, the mixture of nerves in the hope that everything will go to plan and the excitement of the day ahead. I arrived at the venue at about midday and the room was so lovely! This year we had a big balloon arch over the door in the charity colours of green and pink. The whole room following this colour scheme, made me realise how big the evening was going to be when seeing all the tables set up ready to go and after watching the video through as a 'test run'.

After getting all dressed up, it was a real honour to stand on the door and welcome everyone as they walked in and took their seats. To greet new people who were completely new faces, to finally get to meet people who I been talking to for a year, and to see people who I hadn't seen since last year’s ball. I don't know how much you know about cerebral palsy but it is a physical disability which is VERY varied and no two people will be affected the same. Yet at an event like this it’s great because you are in a room of people of who understand; you are in a room with many people just like yourself, and that is a rare occasion. The person next to you could be in a wheelchair and it wouldn't matter in the slightest and is probably the last thing you think about, that point alone is what I love about the CP Teens UK charity ball. When growing up with a disability you often find yourself surrounded by able- bodied people, not that it puts you at a disadvantage, but at times it can be difficult. Whereas at this event the people with cerebral palsy themselves may have actually out- numbered the able- bodied people, now where else are you going to find that the case!

As the evening progressed we had a 3 course meal and a few guest speakers including 'Lost Voice Guy', a very funny and quick witted comedian who also has CP and made light humour of life using an electronic device that he used to speak, such a great sense of humour! It was also an opportunity to show a video about the progress that CP Teens UK has made over the past year and look at all of the people involved. We also had a raffle and an auction and managed to raise so much money for a fantastic cause! I know the money that was raised last year went towards racerunners. This is something that looks like a tricycle without the pedals, that is the only way I can describe it. Due to this it allows people with cerebral palsy (or a similar disability) to be in the sprinting position, allowing them to run and compete. To see the impact that this can have on people's lives is just incredible, providing not only very good physiotherapy but a great social activity to meet up with others and form strong friendships. 

Later on in the night a few awards were given out, this I knew I was going to happen, yet I certainly was not expecting to win one myself! I was very kindly given 'Role Model of the Year 2016' which was such a massive shock and so lovely to receive. CP Teens UK is an organisation that means a great deal to me and it is amazing to be a head ambassador of a charity who is in their early days, just turning 3 years old. Yet is taking massive steps in raising awareness and helping so many teenagers who have cerebral palsy to realise they aren't the only people in the world who have CP, but that CP doesn't need to be a bad thing. To end the evening there was music and a good chance to get up and dance- who couldn't resist! I cannot wait to see what CP Teens UK gets up to in the next year, but I know I am going to be part of it, and it certainly will not be boring!

~ Chloe x


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