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2016, what have you meant to me?

It's pretty normal to get to this time of year and reflect on the last 12 months, but what has 2016 meant to me? This year is actually extremely hard to put into words. I hope you just continue to follow this journey and have enjoyed reading my posts throughout the year!
I've been hospitalised more times this year than I have in my life, going from one extreme to the other with my health. While things have improved I've certainly had my fair share of knocks to slow down this process. I'm sorry for starting with such a negative topic, but these things happen, it's been a big part of my year- just not the only factor of my year. It's even been suggested that hospital appointments should be an added module for my university course! Although physically I may be struggling at the moment, earlier this year I was walking the best I have in a very long time and know for certain it is possible to get this back in 2017- hopefully keeping it up for a little longer this tim…

Kids Count Inspirational Awards 2016

In November I had the privilege of traveling down to London and attending the Kids Count award ceremony in the House of Commons- what a magical 24 hours that was!
Monday morning, three friends and I got on the train to London, now that’s a big start to the week. All the way down to London I was so excited, the whole experience was surreal, missing a day of university to have this once in a lifetime opportunity was just priceless. Of course we were the typical tourists, taking pictures of Big Ben, London Eye and any underground sign we could possibly see and we managed to cram in so much! Despite the delay in writing this post, and for that I apologies, it still feels like yesterday.
First stop was Portcullis House and a chance to meet up with my local MP as well as getting a tour of Westminster. I'm not going to lie, I am no expert on politics, but it was so fascinating! To learn about the history of the building and even to just set foot in such a prestigious building was such a go…