Kids Count Inspirational Awards 2016

In November I had the privilege of traveling down to London and attending the Kids Count award ceremony in the House of Commons- what a magical 24 hours that was!

Monday morning, three friends and I got on the train to London, now that’s a big start to the week. All the way down to London I was so excited, the whole experience was surreal, missing a day of university to have this once in a lifetime opportunity was just priceless. Of course we were the typical tourists, taking pictures of Big Ben, London Eye and any underground sign we could possibly see and we managed to cram in so much! Despite the delay in writing this post, and for that I apologies, it still feels like yesterday.

First stop was Portcullis House and a chance to meet up with my local MP as well as getting a tour of Westminster. I'm not going to lie, I am no expert on politics, but it was so fascinating! To learn about the history of the building and even to just set foot in such a prestigious building was such a good experience. The building itself was a lot bigger then I initially thought with loads of long corridors, I know for certain I would get lost if left in there for too long! The accessible route also meant lots of back corridors, this in itself was great to see the 'behind the scenes'. Everyone was extremely helpful and were more than happy to point us in the right direction.

After the tour I had the chance to have tea with my local MP, despite him nominating me for this award, which I am extremely grateful for, we hadn’t actually spoken much in person before. It was really nice that he took time out of his evidently busy schedule to talk further about this blog and other things which I have had the pleasure of being involved with over the last few years. The day seemed so fast paced with this ending and us having to go back to the hotel to get ready for the ceremony!

Kids Count is a charity who held the inspirational awards in Westminster. When it was my award category I don’t think nervous quite covers it… They began to talk about my blog, that in itself is a very odd thing to hear. Someone else quoting what you had written in various posts, being given recognition for something you do without a second thought was certainly a proud moment! The joys of cerebral palsy mean when excitement and nerves are mixed together I become very shaky, this being no exception. I am just extremely grateful that the person presenting my award actually had a sister with CP, this I didn’t know at the time, so all was fine.

Having the ceremony in the evening was just so uplifting. At these kind of events it's not the award that matter, it's the chance to meet incredible people who are so determine for change. They take great interest in the work you have done and you love hearing about theirs. The people you meet leave you feeling so humbled and it makes you appreciate things so much more, you just want to continue what you are doing.

Luckily I had no lectures on Tuesday so could recover just a little!!!

~ Chloe x

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