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The 'BIG' Little Things of 2017

I will not be the first person to say that this year has gone really fast, and most probably will not be the last. Seriously though, where has 2017 gone! Focusing on the little victories can help to get you through a hard week, it can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet at the end of the year, it is these small victories which can be the most influential things that have happened. 
CP Teens UK became a registered charity
Okay, this isn't a little thing as such, but it cannot be missed. On Thursday 16th March I was sat in a lecture and received a message from Ellie (the founder of CP Teens UK) saying that we were officially a registered charity. That one message meant so much and attempting to focus on the lecture was very hard, it was such a milestone. Gaining charity status is a VERY long process and something that had taken a lot of dedication and effort from Ellie and her mum. By becoming a charity, CP Teens has had the chance to expand so much this year, get their own of…

Giving the Cane a Chance

Like any new mobility aid, the cane was going to take some time to get used to. I may not have liked the idea of it all to begin with, but I felt the same when I started using a wheelchair and a walking stick- there seems to be a theme here! Yet, this felt slightly different, entering a new medical world of visual impairment.

After being registered as partially sighted in February, it was advised that using a white cane would be beneficial due to how my visual impairment affects my sight. I am not going to lie, this was a shock. If you have read previous posts on this then you'll know that I did decide to learn how to use a long cane in an attempt to stop myself tripping up over things, but I was quite apprehensive about using a long cane.

To begin with I did find it helpful during the training sessions and saw how it could be really useful for myself, but using it was another thing all together. The first time I used my white cane was when I was looking in a few shops with my fam…

Just a Typical Cerebral Palsy Day