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Assignments, social attitudes and a lot of coffee!

Now you wouldn’t class this as your typical ‘student Saturday night’, but here I am writing a blog post and in all honesty it is probably a better option considering how busy my week has been! Halfway through the second semester of university can only mean two things, reading week (AKA no lectures for a week) and assignments.
One of the assignments that I completed this week was about social attitudes, more specifically the attitudes around disability, which actually made me stop and think. We live in a world where disability is often betrayed as a negative, it is seen as a weakness. When in reality is that really true? Yes, it may cause a weakness in some respect, for me that is a physical weakness, but is that a weakness of character or make me any less human than the next person- of course not! Yet when searching ‘stereotypes of disability’ this is the first thing that came up: “Tragic figures whom society should pity. According to them, the burden of disability is unending; life w…

An open letter to disability hate crime

This is not a negative blog post, it is an empowering one.

I was involved in a disability hate crime 8th October 2015 at about 10:30pm.
This letter was written in July 2016 after I finally was able to put together some of my thoughts about how I actually felt.
Now in 2017 I would like to share this with you all, not to serve any great purpose, but we all like a new year to be a fresh start, don't we?