National Diversity Awards 2017


For those of you who do not know, I have recently been nominated for a National Diversity Award for 'Positive Role Model' in the disability category which I am absolutely amazed about! I cannot believe that after being shortlisted to the final seven nominees in the UK and attending the ceremony last year I find myself up for nomination the following year.

To know what impact you can have on people's lives is really powerful- the amount of people who I have never met!

To know that that work I do is being recognised is both amazing and slightly embarrassing, I write because I feel it is almost my duty to do so. I have this opportunity to educate the world and make changes that I would not have the confidence or knowledge to do if I did not have Cerebral Palsy. I enjoy the fact that I can connect with so many amazing individuals who share my passion and this has led to some very special friendships over the last few years. To be recognised at the age of 18 when you are surrounded by adults (yes I know I am technically an adult....) is just mindblowing. I nearly have 4 years experience of blogging and raising awareness which I know is a drop in the ocean of people way beyond my years.

People underestimate the power of words, they may underestimate the impact that one blog can make. Yet it is certain that the underestimate the power of their own words. The votes and comments that I have received so far have made me laugh with joy, cry with happiness and smile with pride. It really has been a privilege to be selected for the second year in a row.

If you would like to vote for me you can click on the picture below:

However, I know the true beauty of the ceremony and have had the honour of experiencing this first hand. After being inspired by the speeches and uplifted by the passion of those around me, I urge you, please go nominate your positive role model here and let them experience the most incredible evening of their life! I have had my chance, why not let them have theirs?

I will be updating soon...

- Chloe x

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