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What they didn't tell me when I started having seizures

Having a seizure is definitely not nice (this being an understatement) and I actually cannot think of a positive- no silver lining in sight! Neurologists are able to give you a lot of information about seizures, after all they are the medical experts! However, sometimes it takes real- life experience of these things to take it from the medical textbook to everyday life. So after talking to other people, and using my own experiences, here is what didn't they tell us when we started having seizures.
Your memory will turn to mushNow I know 'mush' isn't a technical term, but we are trying to get away from the textbook, remember? After having a seizure it is very common to be confused and disorientated. Yet if we try and fight through this once we have come round, it is still there, often for longer than we care to admit. However, it is the general memory issues that get forgotten about, the walking into a room and not knowing why you have entered that room kind of thing. Th…