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Placement as an SEN Assistant

Completing a placement is an amazing opportunity to gain experience, it can let you know whether that would be the right job for you. Equally, completing a placement can let you know which job you definitely do not want to do! At the end of the day, a textbook can only teach you so much- and trust me when I say I have had my fair share of psychology textbooks over the last academic year!
Right from the start I knew I wanted my placement to be in a high school setting, working with SEN students or mentoring students. I have had previous experience in a primary school and wanted to be able to compare this to a high school (despite already thinking that a high school would suit me better). After a lot of thought, and quite a few emails later, I chose to complete my placement at my old high school and sixth form. This may seem like an obvious choice, going back to a place I knew, going back to a place who knew me. However, I did approach various school in the surrounding area first and tr…

Teaching diversity within school

Last month I attended a diversity and equality charter launch. This event involved all of the schools in my local area who came together and created a charter that they all would follow. As part of the event, each school gave their own presentation, covering issues on disability, gender, sexuality, age and ethnicity. The afternoon was so moving to be a part of, the fact that these schools (mostly primary) were covering such poignant topics with a high level of maturity was really special. It’s not like I expected them to be immature, more the fact that I was never taught this when I was younger, making it appear like an adult concept.
But why shouldn’t we teach children about diversity?
I have never had a lesson which specifically looked at these issues, yet it seems a fairly common thing to happen in classrooms now. Maybe if a lesson had been given about disability I wouldn’t have got bullied for something that was out of control. It would never be completely eliminated as bullying is …